This website has been discontinued and we are no longer in the Pilot phase of the text program. We want to thank you for your participation and feedback. If you registered for the pilot, you are automatically registered for Text Oncor and do not need to register again. Please note that your continued use of Text Oncor is subject to the terms and conditions found at Oncor Terms. Please carefully review these terms and conditions. If you are unwilling to continue your use of Text Oncor subject to the terms and conditions found at the link included above or otherwise wish to discontinue your use of Text Oncor, please text "stop" to 66267 (ONCOR) to unregister or call 888-313-6862. If you are not currently registered and would like to join the program, please text "reg" to 66267 (ONCOR).

Based on customer survey feedback from the Pilot, Text Oncor will now allow customers to:

For more information regarding the new enhancements, please visit our Ask Oncor FAQ page at Ask Oncor FAQs. Text "help" to 66267 (ONCOR) to get the new list of text commands to use with Text Oncor. If you experience any issue with Text Oncor, please call 888.313.6862 or email contactcenter@oncor.com.